Client Account Access Logins

Clients can use the below links to log in to their online accounts.

For password resets, each site has its own steps to take, so we recommend you start there. Contact us if needed.

Investment Management Services

Due to recent changes with First affirmative and Orion, we have changed the links on the Communitas website that give you access to your accounts.

In 2021, First Affirmative adopted the use of the Orion Advisor web portal. This portal enables clients and their advisors' access to their Folio and Schwab accounts on a single website. In addition, First Affirmative made client invoices and performance reports available on the Orion site and ceased mailing them. Contact us if you need help with getting on the website.

A few years ago, this same company, Orion, purchased FTJ FundChoice. Anyone who previously had an FTJ account now goes to Orion Portfolio Services to view these accounts.

A note to clients who have Orion/FTJ and First Affirmative accounts: Recently, Orion combined access to both services through a single URL. However, you will need two different logins to access both of your accounts.

The URL for both is

Regardless of which accounts you want to see, the splash page will look like this:

You do not need to have two email addresses. The login for one can be your email (example: Your other login can simply be your name: billy-jo. You cannot see all accounts under a single login. You can use the same password or different passwords, but you have to have two logins. We recommend using two different passwords.

Financial Planning

A. MoneyGuidePro

B. eMoney

Group Retirement Plans

A. Retirement Plan Consultants (RPC)

B. RPG Consultants

C. Employee Fiduciary