SRI in Retirement Plans

Our clients support social responsibility and sustainability in their work and personal lives, so they often want that their retirement plans to reflect those same values.

To the extent that is prudent, we may recommend that an ERISA 401(k) or 403(b) plan include socially responsible investment options. They are not treated differently, however, and we analyze and monitor SRI choices with the same tools as we do for all potential investments.

No fiduciary can include an SRI investment option in an ERISA plan if it isn't expected to provide an investment return commensurate to conventional investments with similar risk profiles. This is to say, SRI characteristics cannot be the primary determinant in evaluating investments. This is an assessment of the Department of Labor.

Additionally, while some SRI investments do pass muster, many asset classes either don't have any socially responsible choices or, if they do, simply have no competitive socially responsible choices.

Low-Cost, Optimized and Responsible

As an employer, you want to provide all employees quality benefits at an affordable cost. A retirement plan, whether a 401(k), 403(b) or 457, is a key piece of a benefits package attract and retain great staff.

But choosing, setting up and operating a plan are not trivial tasks. And plans come with significant responsibility, both legal and ethical. As a fiduciary, Communitas partners with you on all aspects of designing and optimizing a plan that suits your and your employees' needs and goals. You can never eliminate your fiduciary responsibility, but we can help you manage it in a smart, responsible manner.

You and employees will have a wide range of finance and investment experience. We are quite comfortable working with varied levels of knowledge, and we are accessible, friendly, non-judgmental and supportive.

Whether you are brand new or seasoned, we will meet them where they are and share information in a way most useful for them.

Our services to businesses and non-profits include retirement are expansive:

For Employers

  • Plan Design Optimization
  • Investment Committee Development
  • Fiduciary Education
  • 3(21) Limited Scope Fiduciary Services
  • 3(38) Investment Manager Services
  • Investment Policy Statements
  • Investment Menus & Ongoing Monitoring
  • Risk-based Asset Allocation Models
  • Socially Responsible Investments
  • Service Provider Review and Advice

For Participants

  • Investment advice
  • Model portfolios
  • Enrollment Meetings
  • Accessible, friendly and patient service and support